Monday, September 21, 2009

Long Time Montrail Runner Dies

This is a posting from the Montrail U.S Blog.

Dave Terry
One of the original Montrailians, Dave Terry, passed away over the weekend. Dave proudly sported his Montrail colors for over a decade. He was so tough, strong, super buff, an excellent downhiller, and super friendly and genuine.

When I first met Dave at a big group training run at Smith Rock State Park in central Oregon, he really took a genuine interest in me, my running, and just my life in general. Although I knew who he was (eventually a 10 time Western States, Wasatch, and McDonald Forest finisher, usually in the top 10), he never once mentioned that to me. Whenever I've seen him since, he treated me like an old friend.

Dave was also quite the lady's man. He was a strong, good-looking guy, who always seemed to have a cute girl with him.

One funny memory I have of Dave is from Zane Grey in 2005. I was running along with Tim Halder around mile 25 when Dave comes running towards us (Zane Grey is a point-to-point race). Dave gave us a confused look, and we told him that he was going the wrong way. So he turned around with us and explained that he had just wiped out pretty hard, whacked his head on a rock, got up in a dazed stupor, not really knowing where he was, but knew he was supposed to be running. So he just ran until we found him. He said he still wasn't sure what was the right way, but since Tim and I were both going the same way, we were probably right.

The last time I saw Dave was at Western States this year. After running WS for 10 years in a row, he said he felt weird being there as just a spectator and he didn't quite know what to do with himself. I'm sure he had a blast hanging out and cheering with Steve and Scott. Dave always was a great cheerleader.

I'll miss you, Dave.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Montrail Rises at Transrockies

In the open mixed division our own Gary Robbins and partner Tamsin Anstey won the Transrockies Stage Race. The race threw some loops but in the end they seemed to cruise to the win!

Also racing was our own Aaron Heidt with his partner Adam Campbell. They had a super hard fought battle and finished 3rd overall, and I believe winning 2 stages outright! Way to go guys!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Training for a 25km?

Have you heard about Run for the Toad? It is one of the most successful trail races in Canada. It is held October 3rd in Ontario and has a 25/50 km catagory.

Here is a training PROGRAM for a 25 km race that Ryne Melcher put together to help out participants!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Trans Rockies

This year from August 23-28, up to 150 teams of two will take on the Colorado Rockies for a running experience like no other. During the six days of the GORE-TEX™ TransRockies Run, runners from all over the world will run, eat and live together as they cover 113 miles of spectacular scenery, fully supported by a dedicated and professional Event Team who will look after all aspects of their food, accommodations and on-course support.

The GORE-TEX™ TransRockies Run course runs from Buena Vista to Beaver Creek, through the heart of the White River and San Isabel National Forests. The course includes a mix of singletrack and forest road with nearly 25,000 feet of elevation gain, reaching altitudes of over 12,500 ft.

Our Own Gary Robbins and Aaron Heidt will be racing. Gary is on a co-ed team and Aaron on an open male team.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Will we see Lance on the Trails?

Interesting news today. Lance Armstrong is forming a new U.S team. Team Radioshack. Check out this article link....He says he will be a cyclist, triathlete and runner for the team. Will we see him on the trails? I hope so!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Team Takes Knee Knacker

Aaron Heidt's Race Report

An Impressive day. Aaron Heidt set the course record, Ellie Greenwood won the women's race, and Gary Robbins finished 4th overall just a couple weeks after Western 100.

2009 Knee Knacker Race Report

Pre Race Jitters.
My race plans are usually simple. I like to start strong, push hard through the middle, and finish fast. Primary goal: course record. Secondary goal: win. That usually works well, but it certainly didn’t in the 2008 version of this race, where I bonked hard and slogged up Seymour Grind to finish 3rd in 4:59. As a result, the night before the race I couldn’t decide whether to go for the record or play it safe and sit back and see how the race played out. I knew I was fit but I had not tested myself over an ultra distance since Chuckanut in March. Not until midnight pre-race did I decide to go for it.

¼ of the Way There.
Usually I don’t know how an ultra is going to go until at least the half way point but this race was different. While I felt heavy and slow in the first few miles by 30 minutes into the race my legs began to respond and with each mile I felt stronger. By the time I got to the Cypress check point at 12km I was feeling relaxed and loose: This despite being 2 minutes under the record pace and 1200 meters of elevation gain. I was pretty confident that today was going to be a good day.

The Home Stretch.
It turned out to be my most uneventful and enjoyable ultra to-date. I focused on staying relaxed and running strong, my wife and son met me at all the check points proving to be my most reliable support crew yet, and I continued to consistently and rather effortlessly click away the miles at a decent pace over some beautiful single track. An ultra runners dream day.

One of my major goals this year was to feel strong up the Seymour Grind, which proved to be the nail in my coffin last year. While still an unrelenting climb at a cruelly late stage in the race I managed to run the entire climb and feel pretty good about the up coming plunge into Deep Cove. The last task was not tripping in the final few kilometers.

The Knee Knackers has one of the most spectacular finishing venues around. As I cruised into Panorama Park just slipping under 4 hours and 40 minutes the mountain and ocean views capped off a perfect day of racing for me.

Thanks to all the amazing race organizers and volunteers – everyone and everything was top notch. Congrats to fellow Montrail Team athletes Ellie Greenwood for her spectacular win in her first ever Knee Knacker and to Gary Robbins who managed to finish 4th despite completing the Western States 100 mile only 2 weeks prior – what a stubborn beast!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Western 100 takes some hostages!

Well, first of all, congrats to everyone that gave it their all on what was an EPIC day. 115 degree heat, 100 miles, and a stacked field. Some big name casualties include Jurek, Mackie, Omine.... When it's not your day, sometimes you just need to pack it in and get ready for the next race.

But, saying that, more people finished under 20 hours this year than the previous few. So some of the big guns like the heat and seem to not be affected.

Our own Gary Robbins was going into this race primed! He trained properly, raced fast, and seemed to be at an ideal race weight. He earned his silver buckle finishing around 23 hours. Sometimes the perfect race does not happen (rarely), but we need these races to make us more experienced and stronger in the end!

I spent the day watching Gary, Andy Nicol, and my brother Wade. Wade has had a string of issues at WS100. I thought this was his year. He fought hard to the end. However, at 28:15 he simply ran out of time and had to drop. But like he says, next year if he does not get in the lottery he's not doing WS100!

Ok, I am now just waiting for my free DINNER from Gary......I lied gary, I am hungry!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Montrail Canada Keeps Winning Form

This weekend was the inaugural Summer Solstice Marathon and Half Marathon presented by North Shore Athletics.
The route was a tough mountain course mainly through Grouse and Seymour in North Vancouver. The field was not huge, maybe partly because it was held on Father's Day. Not something I would have considered being an issue before I was...well a father.

So what happened:
1-Lisa Polizzi won the overall marathon quite easily
2-Cheryl Beatty won the Half Marathon after taking some ibuprophen to help get her through her injury
3-Aaron Pitt ran hard placing 2nd overall (1st was Simon Driver) and proved: he can wipe out but has the most ripped legs of anyone on the North Shore. I am jealous.

I think all the athletes kicked it in their Montrail Masochist!

Western Predictions

Here is a cool site
You can enter the contest by making your top 8 predicitons for Men and Women

Here are mine:


Master Mens
Master Womens
Gardner (Assuming 40 is masters????)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Prelim Western Calls from Meltzer (Not Melcher)

I have been watching Meltzer's blog for a week waiting for some prelim calls. His Official odds come out on Monday. Here are his Men's picks.
1. Scott Jurek. He has to be the favorite, he’s won the thing 7 times.
2. Dave Mackey. Hot on Scott’s heels, and with unfinished business at Western he’s my pick to win….even though I have him second here.
3. Hal Koerner. He likes to go out quickly, and if he holds it, he’ll be right there at the Auburn track at 930pm.
4. Eric Grossman. I should probably give him some more love here. He’s been stellar all year and this is his chance to shine. Definately the best on the east coast. The darkhorse (sort of) to win it.
5. Erik Skaden. He’s proven he can run fast at Western, and although he hasn’t shown big stuff this spring, I’m sure he’s focused on being another darkhorse to win.
5. The mens race is so tight it’s a tough call, but here’s another bunch of guys that will be in it at Robinson Flat… least. These are in the order I think they’ll finish.
Jasper Halekas, Zach Miller, Kubaragi from Japan, Todd Braje, John Olsen (if he runs), Josh Brimhall, Graham Cooper, Dave James, Dan Olmstead, Brian Morrison, Hiroki Ishikawa, Lon Freeman, Marco Olmo (he wins the over 60 category too), Laval Benoit, Mike Wolfe, AJW, Chikara Omine.

I think top 22 is enough for now. The real odds come out Monday
I would have to say it's hard to bet against those top 5 picks. Of course, I think one of our own Canadian team mates could run well and place well. This is a DEEEEEP Field. Jurek has to be the top pick, and if you don't think so.....well, I'm not sure what you are thinking (sorry Meltzer). I am not saying it is a sure thing but if I had to bet, I could not bet against the King of Western.

I would definitely put Robbins in that list of top 22. Anyone of these guys could press or blow up. All I know is it is going to be an epic battle out there....

More to come soon.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mountain Hardwear /Montrail Contest

Check out the Go to Girl contest!

Mountain Hardwear and Montrail join forces to celebrate the inspiration and motivation women provide each other to climb, bike, hike, swim, surf, trail run, and paddle. We want to know who that Go-to-Girl is that motivates you! Give us 300 characters on who motivates you and include a photo. Let’s go!

Summer is here!

Yes, I'm going to say it. Summer is here in Vancouver and North Vancouver trails are the best trails to run in North America....I truly believe that!

Sure, sometimes I say "I wish we had more trails to run" but then I go somewhere else....My unconfirmed estimate is that we probably have 1000 km of mountain trails in North Vancouver, probably more actually.

So, there is no excuse for not running. I will finally hit about 14 hours of running this week. Not huge but getting respectable I think. Am I fast, no, but am I loving the summer dryness and our epic trails-yes!! I generally see a few people running while I am out, but often I don't see a soul and I like that. I like getting to high places and looking over the ocean to the south and white cap mountains to the north.

I am not running Western States, Trans Rockies or any other epic race this year and I think I am happy about that. No pressure just running!

Monday, June 8, 2009


After the Iron Knee last weekend, I knew it was time to get in some long runs. I figure I have 4 weekends to do so. I joined up with fellow team mates Aaron Pitt and Ryne Melcher. They were kind enough to slow up for me.

We started our run with a 3500 foot steep climb hidden on one of my secret trails west of the Grouse Grind. We then proceeded to run through base camp Grouse and down the 13 km Montain Hiway. I truly love running down here as it is so different than any where else on the shore. We found an additional 30 minutes then headed back along the Baden Powell. 4 hours. Does not sound long, and used to be a piece of cake for me....not so much. I got home, and literally laid down in my hallway. My 9 month old looking at me and wondering what I was doing and my wife asking if I needed an ambulance...I was so tired. I felt like I had been hit by a truck. I crawled into bed and complained for 3 hours before falling to sleep.

But, it was my first real challenge. I give myself a 5.5 out of 10. I have a long road to climb but with 2010 as my goal race season, I am happy. I'm not sure if I am going to run KK50 yet, but I will train as if I am.

Still need to lose 10 pounds, still need to stay running at least 5 days a week, and need to get more sleep. Not sure how the sleep part will happen with a lot on the go. I did have moments of remembering what it felt like to be an ultra runner a couple of years ago....and it felt good. Watch out Pitt and Melcher...I'm coming.

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Road to Western States 100

I have been an active participant of watching local Montrail team mate Gary Robbins get prepared for this years Western States 100 Mile Endurance Race.

To say I have been impressed is an understatement. I have trained and raced for WS100, so I know what it takes to get ready. 15-25 hours a week of training. I have been there, done it, lived it...but I guess I forgot. Now that I am not in that form, I am amazed of the dedication it takes. I think what I am impressed by the most is that Gary's first ultra was just a couple years ago and last year was when he really decided to get serious about training. In case you have not heard, he is KILLING it!!!

Now, Western States has brought many giants to their knees. Literally, unless your name starts with Scott and ends with Juerk you have probably been slayed. A couple years ago Brian Morrison collapsed on in the last 100 meters and the win was taken away. I remember seeing Dink Taylor on all 4's crawling down the trail (seriously).

Gary is logging huge miles, training and recovering very well from his training. This next 3 weeks is as important as the first 6 months. It is time to taper. The worst part is the taper!!!!! It's when your mileage cuts back huge, you feel crappy, start stressing about training.

To get a taste of the Race-Check out a couple of these: Vimeo and Running Madness id you can find the trailer on line.

Make sure to tune in on Race day to the WS100 website and follow the webcast. No matter how Gary does, our small community of ultra runners up here will be watching and supporting.

Iron Knee

Our team took up another race this past weekend. A short haul of 25km, called the Iron Knee.
This was actually my first race in a while after taking last year off. It was also a little pre run before Knee Knacker. One thing I learned-must do long runs before KK50. I have been running consistently but need t get a few 5 hour runs in....

The conditions were amazing, 27 degrees, not a cloud in the sky and the trails were bone dry! Summer is here. I don't know the elevation of this race, but the course generally starts with a long gradual climb to about 6 km in. I thin overall the course may lose elevation which when you have some extra weight to roll out like I do, gravity is your friend.

Not only did I toe up, Lisa Polizzi, Cheryl Beatty also did. Of course they are both running well and finished 2nd and 4th respectively. Gary, Aaron, Aaron, Ryne and Ellie decided to sit this one out but were there for the support at the end.

Thanks to North Shore Athletics for a great event. Their events continue to be be the best organized around!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Melcher and Robbins Take Wins!

The team continues to roll.
On the weekend of April 17th, two races were taking place. The Diez Vista 50 km and the Mt. Si 50 Miler. Gary Robbins stayed local for Diez and Melcher headed to Washington to check out the U.S field.

Gary was heading to Diez as part of his tune up for Western States. His training has been going well and he seems to be getting faster all the time. Gary led from wire to wire and was never pressed. When the dust settled Robbins had blasted the Vistaa new pair of shoes. A course record of 4:15!. OK, so this made me adjust my WS100 prediction and say that Gary is FAST enough to...I won't say it but you know what I'm saying. Let's look at the guys times he has just beat at Diez.
Scott Jurek-7 time winner WS
Brian Morrison: kinda, maybe but not winner of WS100-what a sin.
Hal Koerner: 1 time winner of WS
Phil Kochek: bloody fast and I think top 5 as WS
Peter Reid: Ironman World Champion
Dom Repta: I may not be the fastest but I'm better looking than Gary
Aaron Heidt: last year's course record holder

On to Melcher
I don't know much about this race or the past runners but what I can tell Melcher just ran the 2nd fastest time in course history behind James Kerby in 2005. 6:17:00 is bloody fast for 50 miles is all that I know!!! Even impressive (and possible stupid) is that Melcher needs knee surgery at some point. I think it is scheduled for next week. It looks like Melcher and Robbins are trying to battle for bragging rights.....all I know is we're happy to keep up the friendly rivalry.

I believe both runners were wearing the Montrail Mt. Masochist for their runs. Maybe I should chuck on a pair and see what out boys.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Montrail Athletes Take Canada's Top Honours

Great News! Gary Robbins and Ellie Greenwood from our own Team Canada Montrail have been named Canada's top ultra athletes! Here's the letter below.

Ellie, Gary,

On behalf of ACU executive, I am glad to announce you that you have been named the 2008 - ACU (Assoc Of Cdn Ultramarathoners) ultrarunners of the year. Your constant in your races has been, for both of you, a great factor in your nomination.
All Provincial representatives had to make proposals with the criteria established, and at the end, the ACU executives had to make the final choice...Your are our choices!


Michel Gouin
ACU president


Gary had a break out year last year in what was really his first year concentrating on Ultra's. He won the Stormy 100 Miler and placed 2nd in a bunch of others including the Mountain Masochist 50 Miler to qualify for Western States. Ellie, well I think Ellie pretty much won every race she entered.....can't say much more than that.

Congrats guys and you are already doing better this year than last year!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Team heading to to support first timers

This weekend is the Run the North Shorerace, My First Trail Race. Team Montrail Canada will be out supporting our future competition ;o)!!!

We will be taking to the trails and setting up our info booth. We hope to see everyone out there.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Aaron Heidt Race Report

Chuckanut Race Report:

Chuckanut was supposed to be a show down between me and Gary Robbins, which meant it was a race I had been looking forward to for months. Unfortunately, Gary was still recovering from Dirty Duo and his travels in Europe and decided racing would jeopardize his training for Western. However, there was no shortage of competition. On Friday night Gary counted 10 guys that would be fighting for the podium.

To race or not to race?
The 2 weeks before Chuckanut I was battling a cold and only running for 45 minutes per day before exhaustion would stop me and I would shuffle home defeated. Wondering how I was going to complete 50km I hopped into the car on Friday to drive down to the coast where I was meeting up with Gary. When I got into North Vancouver I threw on my Montrails and went for a half hour jog. As I headed out the door I was praying my legs would finally feel OK. For the first time in 2 weeks I actually had a little spring in my stride giving me a glimmer of hope that I would feel good on race day.

Gary and I headed down to Bellingham Friday night and stayed with Barb, a friend of Gary’s. It was a sweet pad, and only 10 minutes from the start line, which meant a pretty relaxed pre-race morning. I had made the mistake of not properly planning a race strategy for the Dirty Duo at the start of March and it cost me dearly during the race, so for Chuckanut I had plenty of fuel and bottles, and with the use of drop bags was confident that I would be able to keep myself well fuelled throughout the race.

That was until I found out that there were no drop bags this year due to road closures. With people already heading toward the start line there wasn’t much time to hash out a plan B so I grabbed two of my bottles and asked Gary to find a way to get the other two to aid stations 3/4.

Is this an ultra!?!
Chuckanut starts on a 10km flat gravel and paved trail – this isn’t typical for an ultra and neither was the start. When the gun went off Greg Crowther from Seattle, who happens to be a 2:22 marathoner, bolted into the lead. It was a pace I have never seen in an ultra. However, as with most ultras no one seemed too concerned about someone getting away and the following pack was happy catching up with old friends and easing into the race. This has never jived with my track background and I also was not about to let someone of Greg’s pedigree get too much of a lead. Greg has publicly acknowledged his challenges on technical terrain and steep downhills but considering the race finished on the same flat 10km he had a good chance of winning this race. So I tried to pick up the pace to match his and hoped I’d be able to close the already sizeable gap later in the race. Luckily for me Hal Koerner eventually made the same decision and pulled up beside me around km 5. This gave us the huge advantage of being able to chat while hunting down Greg, thereby keeping our mind off of how insane the pace was.

My kinda course.
Gary told me I would like this course, which means most true ultra guys probably wouldn’t. It wasn’t too technical or too steep – all the hills were runable, and it had lots of flats. In other words it was easy to lock into a rhythm and just run. When we left the interurban trail we headed into some classic west coast single track. It was beautiful, winding and hilly. It wasn’t long before Hal and I were able to hunt down Greg, and once we hit the first long technical downhill at about mile 10, Hal and I slid into the lead. The downhill popped us out at aid station 2 and at the base of a 5km climb on logging roads. If I had to choose, I would say that this type of terrain suits my running strengths best. On hills that are not too steep I’m able to get into a rhythm and keep running indefinitely. However, while I led up this section, Hal and Greg seemed to have no problem hanging on.

Eventually we headed back into some sweet single track and topped out along the ridge trail. It was awesome up there. Crisp air. Narrow, winding single track. Amazing views. Several times I had the urge to stop and take in the views and enjoy the feeling of being in the west coast mountains again – but the thought of getting chased down kept me going. I am not sure where or how, but along this 12km technical section I was able to start opening up a gap on the rest of the field.

All systems shutting down.
By the time I was heading down the long descent to the base on chin scraper I was beginning to bonk. As with many of my ultras I made a series of bad decision that had culminated in my race falling apart. At aid station one I dropped one of my bottles so I only had to carry one. Unfortunately, I dropped the full one. Instead of stopping and exchanging it for the half full bottle in my hand I decided I couldn’t lose the precious seconds and kept going, figuring I could make it to aid station three where Gary would be waiting for me with a fresh bottle.

Aid station three was half way up the 5 km logging road climb but as I approached I couldn’t see Gary or Roxy… they weren’t there yet. I later found out that Gary had to hike a good 4km to the aid station and missed me by 20 minutes. In the meantime I had a decision to make: I could plug on with a bottle that only had a few drops left in it and hope Gary would be at the next aid station or fill it up with whatever the aid station was offering. I chose the former. Like with many buffets, I have had some brutal experiences with aid stations and I didn’t want to fall to the same fate again.

Fast forward 12 km to the hill heading down to chin scraper and I was beginning to cramp along my diaphragm and in my calves and my energy was seriously waning. I knew if I didn’t get fuel soon I wouldn’t be finishing. Luckily there was an amazingly stocked aid station at the base of chin scraper (they even had big pots of hot soup!). There was no question that I would be risking the buffet this time around. I quickly filled my bottle with Nuun and grabbed two Clif shots. Most people describe chin scraper as the hardest part of the race but getting those electrolytes and fuel was a life saver for me and I felt better at the top of the climb than at the bottom.

Are you sure this is only 10km?
Once I crested the top of chin scraper all I had left was about 5km of downhill running and the 10km interurban trail home. I leaned into the downhill and was happy to see Gary at aid station 4 with a fresh bottle and some gels. Even better was Gary’s excitement at seeing me in the lead with only an hour of running left.

At the beginning of the race Hal warned me how long the home stretch on the interurban trail would feel. For 43 painfully long minutes I oscillated between visions of a pack of gangly and ravenous ultra runners hunting me down and me giving my victory speech, which means I probably looked like I was doing a fartlek workout – one moment running for my life, the next slowly jogging a victory lap. Constantly glancing over my shoulder I was sure I was going to see someone gunning me down. Somehow, however, I managed to hold everyone off and win in 3:53:54. All my initial fears were confirmed though, when Greg Crowther came barrelling around the corner for a strong second place finish. I was glad I had decided not to let him get too far ahead at the beginning of the race. It is not often that an ultra is decided in the first 10km, but today 1st, 2nd, and 3rd went to the guys that went out strong.

Shades of red and white
I am not sure if it is the proximity to the border or the promise of warmer weather but there were a lot of Canadians in the race - fast Canadians. As the 20th place person crossed the line the race announcer pointed out that more Canadians had crossed the line than Americans! And there were great finishes by the whole Montrail crew. Aaron Pitt rounded out the top 10 for the men and Ryne Melcher had a strong finish as well. Ellie Greenwood was 1st for the women with Lisa Polizzi not far behind in 3rd spot. Cheryl Beatty also finished strong in 5th place for the women.

Chuckanut is a sweet race. The course is beautiful and has a little bit of everything. The volunteers were awesome and kept me upbeat the entire race. And most importantly, the weather was amazing! Everyone should put this race on their calendar for 2010!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Team in Chuckanut Herald

Have a read!

Aaron Heidt and Ellie Greenwood rockin' local paper.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Team Takes Chuckanut 50km!!

Chuckanut 50km

What is one of the West Coast's premiere early season tests, the team headed down to Bellingham to run with our southern neighbours. Aaron Heidt and Aaron Pitt laced up for the 50km, Ellie Greenwood, Lisa Polizzi and Cheryl Beatty were representing our females.

Gary was sidelined due to an injury sustained at Dirty Duo when he outpaced team mate (who's laughing now!), Ryne Melcher is having knee issues, and I am in no way ready to hammer 50 km.

These are early results and I will post race report soon but..Aaron Heidt won! 3:53. Ellie Greenwood won! 4:33! Aaron Pitt ran hard for 10th overall and in her first 50km race since having a baby 9 months ago, Lisa Polizzi finished 3rd and Cheryl Beatty struggling with some hamstring issues still cruised to 5th overall!

More to come....

Team Racing Fast-Dirty Duo!

Results from our local Run the North Shore trail racing series. Team Montrail raced hard!
In the women's field, Ellie Greenwood won the 50 km category. Ellie is continuing to lead the pack when she takes to the line. 

In the Men's 50 km filed, it was a nail biter...Gary Robbins laced up against fellow team mate Aaron Heidt. Lot's of friendly trail trash talk before the race. Both are in exceptional shape right now. I was out running the course and I saw them neck and neck at the 20 km mark-hammering!!!

I thought there was no way they could make it together to the finish line at that pace. Well, they did. Gary Robbins took 1st overall by 10 seconds over Aaron.  Disabled from a hip injury at the finish line, Gary won the battle but did he win the war. Well, both are lining up at Chuckanut 50 km so we'll see. Ryne Melcher had logged 120 miles leading up to Dirty Duo and he still managed 3rd overall!

In the 25 km Division, Aaron Pitt went in quite sick. I think I heard he was heaving on the course. Coming from a road racing (bike) he knows how to suffer and still finished second.

Shoes worn:
Gary Robbins: Mountain Masochist
Aaron Heidt: Streak
Ellie Greenwood: Streak
Aaron Pitt: Streak

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sweet Nectar from the Earth

I am letting you in on a secret. I have found the perfect racing drink, recovery drink and all around wonder liquid....coconut water. Either straight from the coconut itself of from the one product I am addicted to "One" brand coconut water.

Check out all the benefits!

My team mate Aaron Pitt got me addicted to this, then I got team mate Cheryl Beatty addicted. We are working on Gary. He should love it, there is no gluten and it has amazing rehydrating properties.

One is the one!

Orcas 50Km Update-Canada Rockin'

Team Montrail Canada is off to a GREAT start. Ellie Greenwood won the women's 50 km race and Gary Robbins took 2nd overall for the first race of 2009!
Race reports will be coming soon!
Next up is Dirty Duo.

Results of Orcas Island Race HERE

Friday, February 6, 2009


Well, the 2009 season is just around the corner. The Montrail Canada team is amped and ready to roll. We have a couple new members that joined late in last years season-Aaron Heidt and Lisa Polizzi. Both rock stars on the trail!

Gary Robbins is leading the way this year with the first race this weekend, the Orcas Island 50km. I nice little pre season warm up.

As for me, the fearless, wait that means I am not afraid right, ok, the fearful leader, I am getting into shape again and hope to be in full throttle for the Knee Knacker this year....

Ellie, Ryne, Aaron, Cheryl, will represent well. The DIrty Duo is the first race in our Run the Shore race series. 25 and 50 km! Our team will be racing and representing the Montrail brand at the start/finish line.

Head down to North Shore Athletics and talk to the crew there and check out some Montrails.