Monday, May 5, 2008

Miwok and Van Marathon-Team does great

Well, we had runners in tow races this weekend. Ellie Greenwood finishing her road series before getting back on the trail circuit and Gary Robbins, Ryne Melcher, Cheryl Beatty and myself heading down to my favorite race-Miwok 100km.

Miwok 100km is a beautiful course, super well organized and fast. The terrain varies from coastal, to inland heat,amazing views, fast rolling single track.

Gary Robbins had a goal of sub 9, the rest just to run well. I think about 250 started the race and it is always really competitive. When the gun went off, we settled in. I ran with Cheryl Beatty for about 30 km, while Gary and Ryne worked on up ahead. Not coming into this race super prepared for longer distance, I was not sure if I would run more than 50, but I knew the others would be fine.

I ran to 45 and decided that was it for me, I would now become a cheering squad for my friends. Gary Robbins rolled back through the 65 km check in 6th overall, and running very close to the sub 9 hour mark he set. Cheryl and Ryne cruised through. Cheryl was in 5 or 6th and Ryne was looking in rough shape. With encouragement, Ryne set out to finish this bastard.

Off the the finish line I went with Danielle and we waited. Click, there goes the 9 hour mark. Click, Click, Click, runners coming in and no Gary. 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th...Well, Gary had put in a lot of time on some of these folks...I knew something happened. Yes-he missed a turn (people miss it every year) and ran about 11 minutes the wrong way-22 total. Well, it would have been close. At 9:22 he crossed the line in 12th. An excellent race!

Cheryl crossed the line of her first 100 km run in about 10:30. Feeling great. Cheryl has a long adventure racing history and I wil admit I was happy when she told me that was the most suffering she has ever done!! She rocked.

Melcher suffered-a lot. but this was a better victory than many the others. With 50 km and 50 mile times like 3:10 and low 6's 50 milers, ego can often get in the way of finishing. He put it aside, suffered, and finished Miwok '08!

Congrats to the team-next up is the 1/2 Knacker!

Ellie Greenwood decided to lace up for the Vancouver Marathon. I don't have a race report yet but I know she was 3rd woman and ran a 2:55!!