Thursday, September 18, 2008

Team Members heading East!

Three team members are heading to Ontario for Run for the Toad-25/50km trail race. Gary Robbins (fresh of the U.S Cle Elum 50 km WIN!), Ellie Greenwood and Ryne Melcher. Here is a piece from the RD of RFTT!

Hello Dom,
This years Run for the Toad is sure to provide high drama in both the 25 and 50k events. With the Montrail Teams arrival this year we are bound for some East versus West adrenaline pumping 50k moments. Montrail team member Ryne Melcher has yet to win the Toad but we sense this year Ryne is determined to fill the one gaping hole in his running resume – and the fact that he knows the course well, he may just tidy up unfinished business. Montrail team mate Gary Robbins will surely be one to watch. In looking over Gary’s impressive 2007 and 2008 first place finishes you know this guy has speed and has demonstrated his tactical superiority in every sense. Tactical savvy is an asset when racing the Toad. We are talking about a course that takes a pacing skill-set to bring home the gold. Course record? Ryne, for one, knows that step will not come easy.

So is the Toad a West 1st, 2nd finish? Before anyone makes that prediction you may want to take a good look at these three other individuals. When it comes down laying claim to 50k territory at the Toad none does it better than three time Toad winner Giles Malet. He knows how tempting and irresistible it is to blitz those first 2 loops. Well rounded Giles starts with experience and by the third loop knows his opponents – also a crowd favorite. Another home favorite is Clayton Sloss a racer that picks his races well. He can race in the heat and from our own observation knows how to get comfortable at goal speed. Then there is Jim Orr who credits lady luck and supportive family to a string of success making him a 2007 North American Trophy Series Ultra marathon champion. And to think this guy is 52 years young.
We are very excited having Montrail racer Ellie Greenwood in our 25k lineup. With Ellie’s string of ultra performances to her credit it will be notable watching Ellie on what might be considered for her a sprint-distance category.
We are immensely happy overall that Montrail a Toad sponsor will be setting up their technical shop this year race expo. At the Toad we attract many of those cross-over asphalt to trail racers and the need for more education in this growing trail racing climate will be well received.

We are also hoping many of our racers and spectators staying at our host hotel Cambridge Best Western will get a chance to visit with Elli, Gary and Ryne during their stay.

Kindest personal regards,

George & Peggy