Sunday, March 23, 2008

Team Represents at Dirty Duo!

The first weekend of March represent the start of the BC Ultra Series. The Dirty Duo host a wide range of distances. 25km run, 50 km run, 25 km run/ride, and various other combinations.

With Ryne Melcher having the dreadful flu that was going around, Gary Robbins being injured there were 4 of us left. As an ultra distance race, this is a tough race to be ready for. Early in the season, usually rainy and dreary and sloppy. With one week before the race, much of the trails were covered by snow! Unusual for the North Shore. This year has been an EPIC year for snow-hence my (Dom) obscene amount of time spent on skis and maybe not enough time spent on trail runners...

I was using this as a training run-meaning not race ready so have to run slow. I did do a 4 hour run Friday night before the race so no problem there. But Aaron, Ellie and Cheryl seemed very ready to roll.

The 50 km gun went off, and the women were out fast. I knew there would be a great battle between Cheryl, Ellie and team Solomon's Jenn Segger. (Jenn Segger left, Ellie Greenwood right) This course is two loops with some classic west coast gnarl. To paraphrase an ex-team Montrail athlete-Bruce Grant; classic west coast piece of S*#t trail. We love it. Well, when the dust cleared, it was Ellie Greenwood who dropped the hammer in the last 10 km and finished 1st women and Cheryl Beatty ran the whole race smiling and finished 3rd. Ellie was 2nd overall (men and women) and Cheryl Beatty was 6th. Jenn Segger finished between our two Montrail Athletes.

In the 25 km, Aaron Pitt ran a very hard race. Racing against a couple very fast road runners, he finished top 3 to make the podium! He said if he had of had his new Highlanders he would have finished 2nd...

The Team will be taking part in the Run the Shore Series Sponsored by Montrail and host by North Shore Athletics.

Team Montrail Canada Trail Running Team Bios

Aaron Pitt: 34
Birth Place: Victoria, BC
Resides in: North Vancouver
Runs in: Montrail Highlander, Montrail Streak
Favorite Trail: "The Bench" Hornby Island, Baden Powell-North Vancouver
Favorite Terrain: Gnarrrrrrly
Has taken over for Dom as the official team Hippy!

Cheryl Beatty: 34
Birth Place: Windsor, ON
Resides in: Deep Cover (North Vancouver)
Runs in: Montrail Continental Divide
Favorite Trail: Can't pick just one-Howe Sound Crest Trail, Juan de Fuca, Black Tusk...many more
Favorite Terrain: Hills, Hills and more hills!

Dom Repta: 34
Birthplace: Hamilton, ON
Resides in: Vancouver
Runs in: Montrail Highlander, Streak, Continental Divide
Favorite Trail: Diez Vista, Howe Sound Crest Trail, Secret Trail
Favorite Terrain: Roots, know the rest

Ellie Greenwood: 28
Birthplace: Across the pond-UK
Resides in: Vancouver
Runs in: Montrail Highlander, Streaks
Favorite Trail: Baden Powell
Favorite Terrain: Anything fast!

Gary Robbins: 31
Birthplace: St. Johns, NFLD
Resides in: Squamish
Runs in: Montrail Hardrock, Streak
Favorite Trail: Alice Lake Network, Lynn Valley Trails, Rubble Creek
Favorite Terrain: STEEP, technical, bad ass descents!

Ryne Melcher: 29
Birthplace: East Lancing, Michigan, USA
Resides in: North Vancouver
Runs in: Montrail Continental Divide, Highlander, Hardrock
Favorite Trail: Still searching through the west coast madness
Favorite Terrain: Anything that does not start with 4000 vertical ascent (rules out most west coast trails)