Sunday, March 23, 2008

Team Montrail Canada Trail Running Team Bios

Aaron Pitt: 34
Birth Place: Victoria, BC
Resides in: North Vancouver
Runs in: Montrail Highlander, Montrail Streak
Favorite Trail: "The Bench" Hornby Island, Baden Powell-North Vancouver
Favorite Terrain: Gnarrrrrrly
Has taken over for Dom as the official team Hippy!

Cheryl Beatty: 34
Birth Place: Windsor, ON
Resides in: Deep Cover (North Vancouver)
Runs in: Montrail Continental Divide
Favorite Trail: Can't pick just one-Howe Sound Crest Trail, Juan de Fuca, Black Tusk...many more
Favorite Terrain: Hills, Hills and more hills!

Dom Repta: 34
Birthplace: Hamilton, ON
Resides in: Vancouver
Runs in: Montrail Highlander, Streak, Continental Divide
Favorite Trail: Diez Vista, Howe Sound Crest Trail, Secret Trail
Favorite Terrain: Roots, know the rest

Ellie Greenwood: 28
Birthplace: Across the pond-UK
Resides in: Vancouver
Runs in: Montrail Highlander, Streaks
Favorite Trail: Baden Powell
Favorite Terrain: Anything fast!

Gary Robbins: 31
Birthplace: St. Johns, NFLD
Resides in: Squamish
Runs in: Montrail Hardrock, Streak
Favorite Trail: Alice Lake Network, Lynn Valley Trails, Rubble Creek
Favorite Terrain: STEEP, technical, bad ass descents!

Ryne Melcher: 29
Birthplace: East Lancing, Michigan, USA
Resides in: North Vancouver
Runs in: Montrail Continental Divide, Highlander, Hardrock
Favorite Trail: Still searching through the west coast madness
Favorite Terrain: Anything that does not start with 4000 vertical ascent (rules out most west coast trails)

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