Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Canadian Mountain Running Championships

This weekend is th Canadian Mountain Running Championships in North Vancouver.
Our Own Ellie Greenwood will be lacing up!

Gary is battered and bruised or I am sure he would. He was riding the 7 day stage race BC Bike Race and suffered a series of mishaps that has put him out for a bit. He'll be back. The rest of us are regrouping!

I am shooting for a couple fall ultras and to prime up fo the Halloween Trail Marathon on the North Shore. This will see the revival of my trail running after a very odd season for me (or lack of one!).

Cheryl Beatty is heading to do a very long trail flash but I have to keep it in the bag until she's does it. It's long, steep, mountainous and should be fun.....in a not fun kind of way!

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Jamie Nott said...

Hey There,

I am just wondering what trail marathon is happening around Halloween?