Friday, April 11, 2008

Ellie's Ahhhh-bbreviated Diez

Anyways, few comments on DV. ... It was cold at the start - I was in 3 layers including a waterproof jacket as it had just started to rain and looked threatening weather to come. But the steep uphill at the start warms you up quick and soon runners were spreading out. Pretty slick on the roots on the technical downhills - lots of runners came across the finish line with scrapes from falls though I think all of Team Montrail were fine! Course was marked great - plenty of flagging and awesome volunteers cheering on and providing aid. Up the power line the grey skies, sleet falling and bracken reminded me more of Scotland than Vancouver :) I ran with Ryne for a bit, gaining and losing on each other as we stopped at aid stations etc. Gary must have gained on Aaron (winner) in the last half as after the turn arond where you cross paths with runners ahead Aaron was further ahead. I knew from this point that I was a comfortable distance ahead of the 2nd place woman so could relax and enjoy the run more! (esp seen as Suzanne Evans wasn't competing this year!). Trails in pretty good condition - no snow and not too muddy given the dryish week before. I was glad to knock 10mins of my course PB of 3 years ago. Brightened up to enjoy the BBQ and awards after. Sold oput though I think some people got day of race spots for no shows..

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