Sunday, April 27, 2008

Miwok or umm. Me Walk?

Well, the team is ready to roll, 4 of us heading to Miwok 100 km next weekend. Gary Robbins will lead the pack out after coming off an amazing Diez Vista 50 km (2nd place). Cheryl Beatty is ready to roll and I think Ryne Melcher is feeling good. That leaves me (beer), errrr, ok, maybe Miwok or me-walk (beer). No excuses (beer), my longs runs have not been so loooong (beer) and I'm just not as fit (beer) as I need to be. But May will be bear down time for Western. I just need to get through Miwok in 1 piece (beer)!

So, let's see Gary take one for the team and Cheryl Beatty roll through her first 100km!

1 comment:

Gary Robbins said...

Thanks for the props! I'm feeling good and ready to rock a solid race. Don't forget it's my first 100 too though!