Monday, August 18, 2008

Ellie Keeps Rolling!

With this being Ellie's first real trail running year, I figured I'd do a Q3 recap of her races.
First Half 1/2 Marathon Feb 2008 - 1h23m34s - 6th woman

Dirty Duo 50km - 1st woman

Diez Vista 50km April 2008 - 4h59m - 1st woman

Boston Marathon - April 2008 -3h07m20s - 122nd woman!

Vancouver Marathon May 2008 - 2h55m28s - 3rd woman (1st 'Canadian'!)

Scorched Sole 50km June 2008 - 4h39m - 1st woman, 2nd overall

Iron Knee 25km - 1h54m52s - 1st woman

Longest day 5km road race -18m03s - 4th woman

Peak Challege 12km -1h26m53s - 6th woman (out of 8 in the elite division!)

Stormy 50 miler -8h 19m - 1st woman (2nd overall)

Next for Ellie is Victoria Marathon. I'm sure she'll kill it!

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