Sunday, August 10, 2008

Team Rocks Stormy!!

Not sure where to start. So Ladies first (Sorry Gary!)
Ellie Greenwood and Cheryl Beatty raced the Stormy 50 miler Canadian Trail Championships on Saturday. Both finished 1-2 and second and third overall!! Cheryl Beatty is the new holder of the Canadian 50 Mile Womens Trail Title. Talking to Cheryl after, she said "never running over 50 km again"....but that's what she said in May after Miwok 100, so...SO Cheryl is holder of the Canadian 50 mile and Canadian Snowshoe championship!

Ellie, has been fighting injury, and pulled off another win!!! She is pretty unstoppable on the trails this year!

Next, Stormy 100 Miler, the field was not large, but I'd say it would not matter. Gary Robbins, in my assessment, is probably the fastest male trail ultra runner right now in BC for sure...and I'd say nationwide but I don't want to start a rivalry. This was Gary's first 100 miler, on what would be considered a fast 100 mile course. But, it's 100 miles and to run 17:39 is not fast, it's smokin' fast! Gary fought through the usual 100 mile demons and cruised for 1st overall.

Not sure what is next for the team, Aaron still battling injury, I'm just starting to feel good again-but-Ryne Melcher is off to Leadville for the Leadville 100-Good Luck!!!

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Gary Robbins said...

Thanks for the props dude! Let's not start throwing rocks till I get at least a few more 100's under my belt though!! Aaron Heidt, Squaimsh, 5th at White River and running his first hundred at Cascade Crest in a few weeks time. There's fast guys everywhere!!