Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lots of Team News

Well, where to begin.
Our team members that took off to Run for the Toad went, saw and conquered. Ryne Melcher returning home to former stomping grounds took the overall 50 km win, Gary Robbins not far behind to take second overall. Ellie Greenwood continued her domination of trail running by winning the 25 km event.
Thanks to the Run for the Toad crew for putting on Canada's largest trail running event and making the team fee very welcome!!

Next up-the Halloween Run. This saw the welcoming of two new team members. Trail running phenom, just off from having a baby 4 MONTHS ago Lisa Polizzi and fresh blood to the trails over the last couple years Aaron Heidt (Diez Vista CR which has seen stars like Scott Jurek, William Emerson, Peter Reid, Hal Hoerner, Phil Kochik race it!!). 5 members laced up for this including me. This was my first trail race....almost of the year after some physical and mental battles. But I am back and stoked to get back to form. The race saw Aaron Heidt take 2nd overall and Aaron Pitt round out the top 5. For our women, low key but sensational trail runner Cheryl Beatty took 2nd, and Lisa Polizzi took 3rd in her first race in over a year. Great run guys.

3rd-Gary Robbins went down to a stacked field to try his hand at getting on of the 3 Western States spots at Mountain Masochist. Lots of trash talk before this race...Karl Meltzer put Gary ad 8-1 odds I think. I emailed both he and Clarke Zealand saying he will podium and will make Western States. Looks like I was correct in my confidence in Gary. 50 Miles is a great distance for him. Not only did he come top 3, he had the speed to finish 2nd to Eric Grossman...not a bad accomplishment. So Gary earned an automatic entry into Western States-THE BIG SHOW!!!!! All I can say is this advice given to me 10 years ago. "100 miles is not like running 50 miles twice..." Anything can happen there but in my opinion Gary is Canada's leading trail ultra runner right now and he should represent. ps-vote for Obama while you're down their Gary.

The racing season is coming to a close-but there will be snowshoeing, backcountry ski touring and of course trail running. I'll be busting my ass to give my teammates a run for their money. I need to get into 2007 form!


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