Friday, February 6, 2009


Well, the 2009 season is just around the corner. The Montrail Canada team is amped and ready to roll. We have a couple new members that joined late in last years season-Aaron Heidt and Lisa Polizzi. Both rock stars on the trail!

Gary Robbins is leading the way this year with the first race this weekend, the Orcas Island 50km. I nice little pre season warm up.

As for me, the fearless, wait that means I am not afraid right, ok, the fearful leader, I am getting into shape again and hope to be in full throttle for the Knee Knacker this year....

Ellie, Ryne, Aaron, Cheryl, will represent well. The DIrty Duo is the first race in our Run the Shore race series. 25 and 50 km! Our team will be racing and representing the Montrail brand at the start/finish line.

Head down to North Shore Athletics and talk to the crew there and check out some Montrails.


saschasdad said...

Hey Dom,
After Orcas last weekend, Montrail Canada is definitely off to a great start (you just need to stop giving Gary advice on route finding:).

I'm looking forward to watching you get your butt back in shape and hopefully duking it out with you at a few races this year.

What's up with the Death Race? Is it really worth it, or does it just sound cool?

Dom Repta said...

I'm coming....don't worry!!

I know-us Canadians are not used to American route directions obviously....

Death Race is cool. Loved the course. I think the race organizing improves every year. Worth checking it out. I was pretty fit for that race so I think it will give you a good indication of time expectations.

You at Chuckanut??

saschasdad said...

No Chuck for me this year. I'll be in Hawaii pounding the pavement up a really big mountain...then hanging out on the beach and drinking fruity drinks with cool little umbrellas in them. I'm thinking about TNF Bellingham in June, though.