Saturday, March 21, 2009

Team Racing Fast-Dirty Duo!

Results from our local Run the North Shore trail racing series. Team Montrail raced hard!
In the women's field, Ellie Greenwood won the 50 km category. Ellie is continuing to lead the pack when she takes to the line. 

In the Men's 50 km filed, it was a nail biter...Gary Robbins laced up against fellow team mate Aaron Heidt. Lot's of friendly trail trash talk before the race. Both are in exceptional shape right now. I was out running the course and I saw them neck and neck at the 20 km mark-hammering!!!

I thought there was no way they could make it together to the finish line at that pace. Well, they did. Gary Robbins took 1st overall by 10 seconds over Aaron.  Disabled from a hip injury at the finish line, Gary won the battle but did he win the war. Well, both are lining up at Chuckanut 50 km so we'll see. Ryne Melcher had logged 120 miles leading up to Dirty Duo and he still managed 3rd overall!

In the 25 km Division, Aaron Pitt went in quite sick. I think I heard he was heaving on the course. Coming from a road racing (bike) he knows how to suffer and still finished second.

Shoes worn:
Gary Robbins: Mountain Masochist
Aaron Heidt: Streak
Ellie Greenwood: Streak
Aaron Pitt: Streak

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