Saturday, March 21, 2009

Team Takes Chuckanut 50km!!

Chuckanut 50km

What is one of the West Coast's premiere early season tests, the team headed down to Bellingham to run with our southern neighbours. Aaron Heidt and Aaron Pitt laced up for the 50km, Ellie Greenwood, Lisa Polizzi and Cheryl Beatty were representing our females.

Gary was sidelined due to an injury sustained at Dirty Duo when he outpaced team mate (who's laughing now!), Ryne Melcher is having knee issues, and I am in no way ready to hammer 50 km.

These are early results and I will post race report soon but..Aaron Heidt won! 3:53. Ellie Greenwood won! 4:33! Aaron Pitt ran hard for 10th overall and in her first 50km race since having a baby 9 months ago, Lisa Polizzi finished 3rd and Cheryl Beatty struggling with some hamstring issues still cruised to 5th overall!

More to come....


davidultra49 said...

Great Job Guys. Tell Ryne to keep his head up. Hes got some unfinished buisiness out here in the Midwest

Doug McKeever said...

Way to go, Team Montrail Canada! From the perspective of the race co-founder and former RD, I'd like to share that for many of the early years, our neighbors to the north won at Chuckanut. Amongst a very competitive field of some of the best in the U.S., you folks rocked once again!