Monday, April 27, 2009

Melcher and Robbins Take Wins!

The team continues to roll.
On the weekend of April 17th, two races were taking place. The Diez Vista 50 km and the Mt. Si 50 Miler. Gary Robbins stayed local for Diez and Melcher headed to Washington to check out the U.S field.

Gary was heading to Diez as part of his tune up for Western States. His training has been going well and he seems to be getting faster all the time. Gary led from wire to wire and was never pressed. When the dust settled Robbins had blasted the Vistaa new pair of shoes. A course record of 4:15!. OK, so this made me adjust my WS100 prediction and say that Gary is FAST enough to...I won't say it but you know what I'm saying. Let's look at the guys times he has just beat at Diez.
Scott Jurek-7 time winner WS
Brian Morrison: kinda, maybe but not winner of WS100-what a sin.
Hal Koerner: 1 time winner of WS
Phil Kochek: bloody fast and I think top 5 as WS
Peter Reid: Ironman World Champion
Dom Repta: I may not be the fastest but I'm better looking than Gary
Aaron Heidt: last year's course record holder

On to Melcher
I don't know much about this race or the past runners but what I can tell Melcher just ran the 2nd fastest time in course history behind James Kerby in 2005. 6:17:00 is bloody fast for 50 miles is all that I know!!! Even impressive (and possible stupid) is that Melcher needs knee surgery at some point. I think it is scheduled for next week. It looks like Melcher and Robbins are trying to battle for bragging rights.....all I know is we're happy to keep up the friendly rivalry.

I believe both runners were wearing the Montrail Mt. Masochist for their runs. Maybe I should chuck on a pair and see what out boys.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to both of them. I about crapped when Ryne told me what he ran knowing what I knew about his knee. I guess that can of toughen up you guys gave him really works.

Gary Robbins said...

Let me just start by saying that we ALL know there isn't even a comparison between a 50k race and 100miles!
All I know is this, I have 1 100m to draw from, I have PQ Utah 9 days in 110+F to reference, I used to live at elevation, and my training has been going great so far.
I have high hopes and we'll see what can be accomplished come race day:)