Monday, June 8, 2009


After the Iron Knee last weekend, I knew it was time to get in some long runs. I figure I have 4 weekends to do so. I joined up with fellow team mates Aaron Pitt and Ryne Melcher. They were kind enough to slow up for me.

We started our run with a 3500 foot steep climb hidden on one of my secret trails west of the Grouse Grind. We then proceeded to run through base camp Grouse and down the 13 km Montain Hiway. I truly love running down here as it is so different than any where else on the shore. We found an additional 30 minutes then headed back along the Baden Powell. 4 hours. Does not sound long, and used to be a piece of cake for me....not so much. I got home, and literally laid down in my hallway. My 9 month old looking at me and wondering what I was doing and my wife asking if I needed an ambulance...I was so tired. I felt like I had been hit by a truck. I crawled into bed and complained for 3 hours before falling to sleep.

But, it was my first real challenge. I give myself a 5.5 out of 10. I have a long road to climb but with 2010 as my goal race season, I am happy. I'm not sure if I am going to run KK50 yet, but I will train as if I am.

Still need to lose 10 pounds, still need to stay running at least 5 days a week, and need to get more sleep. Not sure how the sleep part will happen with a lot on the go. I did have moments of remembering what it felt like to be an ultra runner a couple of years ago....and it felt good. Watch out Pitt and Melcher...I'm coming.

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Anonymous said...

Kids definately play a big part into the whole sleep and being tired thing. Once you figure out how to work it all in together. You'll be back in ultrashape in no time. I remember what it was like too. To have nothing to worry about but running. I miss those days true but wouldn't trade the ones I have now for the world.Take care and good luck with your training.