Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer is here!

Yes, I'm going to say it. Summer is here in Vancouver and North Vancouver trails are the best trails to run in North America....I truly believe that!

Sure, sometimes I say "I wish we had more trails to run" but then I go somewhere else....My unconfirmed estimate is that we probably have 1000 km of mountain trails in North Vancouver, probably more actually.

So, there is no excuse for not running. I will finally hit about 14 hours of running this week. Not huge but getting respectable I think. Am I fast, no, but am I loving the summer dryness and our epic trails-yes!! I generally see a few people running while I am out, but often I don't see a soul and I like that. I like getting to high places and looking over the ocean to the south and white cap mountains to the north.

I am not running Western States, Trans Rockies or any other epic race this year and I think I am happy about that. No pressure just running!

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