Friday, June 5, 2009

The Road to Western States 100

I have been an active participant of watching local Montrail team mate Gary Robbins get prepared for this years Western States 100 Mile Endurance Race.

To say I have been impressed is an understatement. I have trained and raced for WS100, so I know what it takes to get ready. 15-25 hours a week of training. I have been there, done it, lived it...but I guess I forgot. Now that I am not in that form, I am amazed of the dedication it takes. I think what I am impressed by the most is that Gary's first ultra was just a couple years ago and last year was when he really decided to get serious about training. In case you have not heard, he is KILLING it!!!

Now, Western States has brought many giants to their knees. Literally, unless your name starts with Scott and ends with Juerk you have probably been slayed. A couple years ago Brian Morrison collapsed on in the last 100 meters and the win was taken away. I remember seeing Dink Taylor on all 4's crawling down the trail (seriously).

Gary is logging huge miles, training and recovering very well from his training. This next 3 weeks is as important as the first 6 months. It is time to taper. The worst part is the taper!!!!! It's when your mileage cuts back huge, you feel crappy, start stressing about training.

To get a taste of the Race-Check out a couple of these: Vimeo and Running Madness id you can find the trailer on line.

Make sure to tune in on Race day to the WS100 website and follow the webcast. No matter how Gary does, our small community of ultra runners up here will be watching and supporting.