Saturday, June 20, 2009

Prelim Western Calls from Meltzer (Not Melcher)

I have been watching Meltzer's blog for a week waiting for some prelim calls. His Official odds come out on Monday. Here are his Men's picks.
1. Scott Jurek. He has to be the favorite, he’s won the thing 7 times.
2. Dave Mackey. Hot on Scott’s heels, and with unfinished business at Western he’s my pick to win….even though I have him second here.
3. Hal Koerner. He likes to go out quickly, and if he holds it, he’ll be right there at the Auburn track at 930pm.
4. Eric Grossman. I should probably give him some more love here. He’s been stellar all year and this is his chance to shine. Definately the best on the east coast. The darkhorse (sort of) to win it.
5. Erik Skaden. He’s proven he can run fast at Western, and although he hasn’t shown big stuff this spring, I’m sure he’s focused on being another darkhorse to win.
5. The mens race is so tight it’s a tough call, but here’s another bunch of guys that will be in it at Robinson Flat… least. These are in the order I think they’ll finish.
Jasper Halekas, Zach Miller, Kubaragi from Japan, Todd Braje, John Olsen (if he runs), Josh Brimhall, Graham Cooper, Dave James, Dan Olmstead, Brian Morrison, Hiroki Ishikawa, Lon Freeman, Marco Olmo (he wins the over 60 category too), Laval Benoit, Mike Wolfe, AJW, Chikara Omine.

I think top 22 is enough for now. The real odds come out Monday
I would have to say it's hard to bet against those top 5 picks. Of course, I think one of our own Canadian team mates could run well and place well. This is a DEEEEEP Field. Jurek has to be the top pick, and if you don't think so.....well, I'm not sure what you are thinking (sorry Meltzer). I am not saying it is a sure thing but if I had to bet, I could not bet against the King of Western.

I would definitely put Robbins in that list of top 22. Anyone of these guys could press or blow up. All I know is it is going to be an epic battle out there....

More to come soon.


Anonymous said...

I put my vote in both at I Run and AJW's blogs. I think your right. If it doesn't get too hot I got Gary in the top 10. Well to be honest I have him 8TH overall. Sorry Gary theres a lot of course knowledge from the top 7. Any other race and he's right up there at the top of my list. But this is the race of the century.

Derrick said...

Good luck Gary!