Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Montrail Canada Keeps Winning Form

This weekend was the inaugural Summer Solstice Marathon and Half Marathon presented by North Shore Athletics.
The route was a tough mountain course mainly through Grouse and Seymour in North Vancouver. The field was not huge, maybe partly because it was held on Father's Day. Not something I would have considered being an issue before I was...well a father.

So what happened:
1-Lisa Polizzi won the overall marathon quite easily
2-Cheryl Beatty won the Half Marathon after taking some ibuprophen to help get her through her injury
3-Aaron Pitt ran hard placing 2nd overall (1st was Simon Driver) and proved: he can wipe out but has the most ripped legs of anyone on the North Shore. I am jealous.

I think all the athletes kicked it in their Montrail Masochist!

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